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Weekend tech reading: Meet the hackers of Pwn2Own

Weekend tech reading: Meet the hackers of Pwn2Own

At a Google-run competition in ­Vancouver last month, the search giant’s famously secure Chrome Web browser fell to hackers twice. Both of the new methods used a rigged ­website to bypass Chrome’s security protections and completely hijack a target computer. But while those two hacks...

Internet Explorer IQ story was a hoax

Internet Explorer IQ story was a hoax

Late last week several news outlets ran a story claiming that Internet Explorer users had a lower IQ than other browser users. The study was supposedly carried out online by Canadian AptiQuant Psychometirc Consulting Co. and the “results” indicated that…
Microsoft releases IE10 Platform Preview 2

Microsoft releases IE10 Platform Preview 2

Microsoft has released the second platform preview of Internet Explorer 10. You can download it now directly from the Microsoft Download Center: Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview. Until Windows 8 is released, Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit is…