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Amazon source reveals plan to launch e-reader with built-in lighting

Rumors are beginning to circulate that the world's largest internet retailer, Amazon, will launch several new versions of their Kindle e-readers and tablet in July, including a revamped monochrome e-reader with built-in lighting, according sources familiar with the matter cited…

Amazon beats Q1 predictions, share prices jump 14.6%

Online retailer posted their first quarter results yesterday, beating analysts' estimates despite their outlook for growth being slower than expected. Share prices responded well to the news with the stock price jumping 14.6 percent according to Business Week.

Rumor: Amazon prepping Kindle Fire 2 for Q2 release

Following up on analyst speculation a week ago, China Times is now reporting that Amazon is indeed exploring alternative size and manufacturing options for the next wave of Kindle Fire tablets set for release sometime this summer.

Newegg and Amazon report their holiday best-sellers

Launched as a fledgling Web operation in 2001, Newegg has become the second-largest online retailer in the US and the number one destination for tech-savvy shoppers. Given its position, the company is privy to all manner of technology trends, including the holiday's hottest products...

Kindle Fire "best-selling" tablet at Best Buy, Target

Amazon's Kindle Fire might not be the perfect tablet, but the price may be just right. Target announced the Kindle Fire was the best selling tablet on Black Friday, despite offering a $75 gift card with the purchase of an iPad…

Amazon's iPad Killer? Kindle Fire Reviewed

Amazon sent a wave crashing through the mobile industry when it announced that its Android based tablet, the Kindle Fire, would land with a price of $199.

This is the best value in a tablet on the market, and will make tablet computing accessible to many people that either couldn't afford Apple's iPads or couldn't tolerate Android Honeycomb based tablets. Plus, nobody can argue that Amazon doesn't provide a great self-contained ecosystem. But do the high expectations for the Kindle Fire mesh with the reality of the device?

Rumor: Amazon to launch smartphone sometime in 2012

Amazon could be preparing to release a smartphone in time for next year’s holiday season, according to a research note from Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney. The company could even make a profit from the sale of the hardware, unlike the…

iSuppli: Amazon sells Kindle Fire at a small loss

IHS iSuppli has determined the Amazon's Kindle Fire to costs $201.70 USD to manufacture and build. The BOM (bill of materials) cost is $185.60 while actually making and assembling the tablet costs Amazon roughly $16.10. The total reported is actually…