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Spotify releases U.S. anniversary figures

Spotify releases U.S. anniversary figures

Internationally popular music streaming outfit Spotify has released an infographic which illustrates some interesting statistics since last year's U.S. launch. The Swedish company is celebrating its first anniversary in America and by all accounts it looks like a success chock…
Chevrolet offers 150,000 Spotify invites

Chevrolet offers 150,000 Spotify invites

Spotify has partnered with an odd company: Chevrolet. The car maker is offering an invitation to Spotify's free on-demand streaming service to the first 150,000 requests received through the Chevrolet Sonic tab on the Chevrolet Facebook Page.
Spotify comes to Sonos devices in the US

Spotify comes to Sonos devices in the US

Spotify is now available on Sonos devices in the US. Spotify for Sonos allows you to create queues based on Spotify content and play playlists you've created on your desktop. You can thus stream ad-free tunes (at 320kbps) throughout your…