Startup articles

Microsoft buys Wand Labs to enhance chat bots

After scooping up LinkedIn earlier this week for $26.2 billion, Microsoft on Thursday announced it has acquired messaging app developer Wand Labs. Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.

IBM acquires virtual assistant software startup Cognea for Watson Group

IBM has agreed to purchase Australian-based virtual assistant software startup Cognea. The company plans to take the software’s capabilities which are currently used to create virtual assistants for enterprise customers and implement it into the Watson cognitive computing platform. …

Intel nabs startup Indisys to advance perceptual computing efforts

Intel has quietly scooped up natural language recognition firm Indisys just two months after purchasing gesture-based specialist Omek. It wasn’t revealed how much Intel paid for the 10-year-old Spanish start-up but reports peg the value at just north of €20…

Interview with 'Ravaged' indie developer, 2Dawn Games

Currently in beta, Ravaged is the brainchild of Boris Ustaev and his crew at 2Dawn Games, who have spent the last few years toiling away on a fast-paced post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on skills, teamwork, vehicular combat and most importantly, fun. In other words, it's everything the folks at 2Dawn have wanted in a modern PC shooter, but have been unable to find.

We recently had a chance to chat with 2Dawn about its upcoming title, its experience with Kickstarter and what it's like developing a PC game as an independent studio.