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PC industry grows about 2%, beats Gartner, IDC expectations

Following a 6% decline during the holidays, the PC industry snapped back to growth in the first quarter of 2012 according to Gartner and IDC. The former outfit pegged worldwide shipments at 89 million units for a 1.9% increase year-over-year, while the latter reported a 2.3% bump...

Industry sources say Ivy Bridge will launch Monday, April 23

We already knew Intel planned to ship its die shrink of Sandy Bridge this month, but separate reports by CNET and DigiTimes this week offer a more specific date: Monday, April 23. Intel is expected to yank the wraps off its next-generation processors on that day, initiating Ivy Bridge PC rollouts...

Micron unveils RealSSD C400 mSATA for Ultrabooks

With Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge micro-architecture launching later this month it won't be long before the next wave of thin and light notebooks start to arrive. Anticipating this, Micron has announced a new mSATA solid state drive that's engineered specifically…

HP Folio 13 Review: The Sturdy, Affordable Ultrabook

There are only so many people willing to spend $1,300+ on a finger-thick machine, and many of them are already loyal Apple customers. The reality is, the average consumer wants to believe they're buying a premium product, but they don't necessarily want to pay premium prices.

It's a tough nut to crack and most PC makers have failed when it comes to ultrathin notebooks, whether by charging too much or cutting too many corners. Striking a balance between both extremes, HP's Folio 13 kicks off at an attractive $900 while packing the same core componentry you'll find in even the priciest of ultrabooks.

Three more Intel ULV Ivy Bridge processors detailed

Three more Intel Ivy Bridge ULV (Ultra-Low-Voltage) processors have been unearthed courtesy of VR-Zone. Furthermore, the team has dug up information on the programmable TDP of all five ULV models, noting that Intel is allowing for a great deal of…

OCZ Deneva 2 mSATA SSDs certified for use in 2012 Ultrabooks

OCZ Technology has announced that their enterprise-grade Deneva 2 mSATA solid state drives have been tested with Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) and passed the performance benchmarks for the “while using” portion of the responsiveness requirements outlined by Intel for…

Rumor: Asus readying swivel-screen Ultrabook for Windows 8 launch

Notebook manufacturer Asus is said to be readying a new ultrabook style laptop incorporating a swivel design display that enables the device to transform into a tablet. According to DigiTimes, the device will be revealed at the upcoming 2012 Computex in…

TechSpot Laptop Buying Guide: Holiday 2011 Update

With the holiday shopping season in full swing it's time we give our Laptop Buying Guide one last pass before the year is over to make sure it's packing enough punch. Netbooks have lost their lure to simply become smaller, entry-level notebooks, while other categories are only seeing minor spec bumps. But if you are looking into the ultraportable market, a new breed of devices has emerged. Intel is pushing the Ultrabooks as thin and light systems with plenty of power, for now we're seeing a first generation of devices, with plenty more to come.

Ultraportables Thin and light laptops balance portability, performance and battery life. Business Mid to high end components with an emphasis on durability, security and battery life.
Desktop Replacements The most complete set of features, often forgo battery life and portability for extra horsepower. Gaming If mobility is a priority, there are some solid choices for gaming on the go.
Budget-oriented A good blend of price and features, but slim form factors are not necessarily a priority.