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Car Tech

Self-driving cars, Tesla's latest word in innovation, infotainment systems and why not, car hacks!

Uber to demonstrate Elevate air taxi service in 2020

Word slipped out in February that Uber had hired 30-year NASA veteran Mark Moore to lead its “Elevate” flying car initiative. On Tuesday, the embattled transportation shared plenty more about the project during the keynote of the three-day “Elevate” Summit. …

Should Apple build a car?

As your mother or other caregiver likely told you as a child, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. So, given last week’s news that Apple has obtained a permit to test drive three autonomous cars…

Lyft Shuttle is a bus service from your smartphone

In the continued fight against Uber's dominance, Lyft is introducing a pilot program dubbed Shuttle for fixed routes along busy commutes. Shuttle is Lyft's take on a bus route; Shuttle drivers will follow a fixed route and have predefined pick-up…
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