0x000008e while running a game

By maddy04
Jun 29, 2010
  1. there is an online game which want to play. the game has to be downloaded in the computer and get installed which i do correctly.
    then the game client is used to start the game. when i click on start game
    button , a blue screen error comes 0x1000008e and my computer gets restarted.

    this occurs only with this particular game and rest computer runs fine.

    the game is RAGNAROK ONLINE. it is an mmorpg. there are different servers available on which we can play. i have tried 3-4 servers and every time i face the same problem. the server on which is currrently installed is from www.real-ro.com

    plz guide me to how to correct this error so that i can play the game...
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