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Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help me with some sound problems. Back on my old XP computer(which I really miss), the default sound manager was the Realtek HD Audio Manager, as is the case with this Vista computer. However, on the xp system the manager had 10 band equalizers that you could tweak to your liking. It helped me get the most out of my crappy speakers and made listening to music and gaming tolerable.

On Vista though, the 10 band EQ has been completely scrapped and in its place are a couple crappy presets, none of which provide the right tuning that I want.

Here's a pic of the XP one just for reference:

The current one, for comparison:

So as you can see, the new Vista manager is seriously lacking in that department, and I'm debating getting new speakers to make up for the deficiency.

Does anyone know of another program that manages the audio for your computer? And I'm not talking about video player equalizers, as every single video player worth its data bits has it own equalizer. I need a global audio manager that tweaks sound across the board, and I need it bad. :(

Any help would be awesome!


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Why don't you invest in a good 3rd party sound card and use its supplied audio managing software
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