12V setting causing crash

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Aug 8, 2004
  1. Hi, is there any way to reduce the 12V setting in the bios? Whenever i start doing anything on the pc, the 12V seting which starts out at 13.056 starts to raise, goes to 13.28 and the PC crashes.

    this is what happens:

    13.056V -> 13.28 to 13.32V

    AMD Athlon XP 3200+ retail
    Kingston Memory - Value RAM 512MB 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM CL2.5
    ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard
    Win XP professional

    The ASUS probe program trips when the 13V item goes to 13.248V or 13.32V if it stays at that level too long it reboots. is there any way to get this value to stay down at 13V or 12V? should i change the VCORE setting in the Bios?

    further information:
    CPU external frequency = 200MHz
    CPU frequency multiple = 11.0x
    VCORE = 1.650V (auto)
    CPU interface = optimal
    System perfomance = optimal
    Memory frequency = auto
    Memory timing = optimal
    FSB spectrum 0.5%
    AGP spread spectrum = disabled
    Graphics aperture size = 64Mb
    AGP frequency = auto

    i did not set these values myself they were auto detected.

    the asus probe setting for the vcore is at 1.65V in the BIOS and the asus probe monitor

    thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Rick

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    VCORE shouldn't make a difference. It's entirely different than your 12v rail.

    12v is used mostly for mechnical components... Fans, hard drives, optical drives etc..

    Software readings are very unreliable. I would test the 12v line off of a drive power connector with a digital multimeter. That's really the only way to get a 100% accurate result.

    If the voltages really are the cause of the freezing, I might suspect your power supply is going bad. Voltage overage can be much more dangerous than being under powered, so if you have another PSU to test out, try it out! :)

    It is also possible what you have observed is just coincidence, so don't rule out other possiblities too, such as memory, heat and other system problems.
  3. almmohd

    almmohd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried two other psu's. on from an older machine caused the 12 V to go to 13.5V, the oter was newer and the voltage wasa still 13.056 raining to 13.3 V. sysem rebooted at this value. also tried a different graphics card but got same voltage. temp is around 54oC when system reboots itself.
  4. Rick

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    Then we can assume your power supply is not to blame then.

    If the crashing is directly related to voltage, the only other real possibility would be your system board.
  5. Bug

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    I would see if ASUS has a BIOS update. Sometimes the BIOS is misreading the PSU voltages and they may have an update. I know from personal experience that the A7N8X-E Deluxe had a number of revisions and BIOS updates. There are about eight different revisions, so we will need to verify we update with the correct BIOS. If you look on the board where it identifies A7N8X-E, to the top right it will say "Rev. X.X" Provide this info and I can do some checking. If the BIOS update doesn't resolve it, I would contact ASUS for an RMA. If the board is new enough, you can probably take it back to the store for a replacement.

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