17 Years of Call of Duty: One of the most influential and persistent video game franchises...


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I think the most amazing moments in CoD for me were:

#1 when I first used the Javelin in Modern Warfare.

#2 Becoming a Juggernaut in MW3 (the last level).

#3 climbing on the bridge with the nanogloves in Advanced Warfare.

#4 “Clean House”
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Axle Grease

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Had the Battlefield franchise never materialized, COD would've been the one that kept me off the streets. I bought COD1 and COD4 just for the campaigns.


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The author could have delved at least a bit deeper into the "No Russian" controversy. It was huge at the time and deserved more than a footnote in a comprehensive Call of Duty article. Other than that, pretty nice article.

I still remember the main line from one magazine ad I saw for the original Call of Duty back in 2003:

"In war, no one fights alone".

This concept felt like a huge innovation for fps titles of the time (there were hardcore tactical shooters where you controlled a squad like Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint, but in more action oriented shooters we always played as a one-man army).

The CoD campaigns had its highs and lows over the years:
- United Offensive is one of my favorites to this day.
- Call of Duty 2 is universally acclaimed but I'm the oddball. I never liked it much and could never get into it, either PC or console versions.
- Call of Duty 3 campaign was great and I feel sorry it was never ported to PC.
- I didn't care about MW1 much (campaign was decent but felt too much like a Michael Bay movie, sadly a trend that would continue), however technically the game was jaw-droppingly impressive at the time, especially how they managed to get it running at 60 fps on the Xbox 360 with such great graphics.
- Hated WaW campaign, too fast and frenetic, especially for a WW2 game. Some segments seemed made for people high on meth or dope. Sadly this sort of action would become more common in subsequent CoD campaigns.
- MW2 was pretty good, probably best campaign since United Offensive and CoD 3.
- Hated Black Ops 1 campaign, never finished it. Never played Black Ops 2.
- MW3 was alright but meh.
- CoD Ghosts campaign was just awful. What were they thinking?
- Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were tolerable but pretty mediocre.
- Infinite Warfare's campaign is surprisingly good, totally agree with Aamir here. I went into IW expecting an even bigger letdown than previous entries and was positively surprised. I'd say it's even better than MW2 and one of the best campaigns in the entire franchise. I even liked all the segments and missions where we pilot a combat spaceship and I'd dare to say they could make an entire Wing Commander style game using the space combat engine of this CoD. My only criticism is that later missions take a sharp drop in quality, mainly for the same reason I don't like CoD: WaW - many segments made for players high on meth, dope or energy drinks.
- CoD: WW2 is a fairly decent if uninspired entry, until you get to THAT mission. Those who played it know what I'm talking about. The one that's considered among many fans the most badly designed, difficult and frustrating mission in all CoD campaigns. I could never beat it and gave up after failing more than 20 times. Not even an invincibility cheat can help if it's simply impossible to hit the target.


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I love the franchise and have every COD game ever released on the PC both in retail boxed and a digital key so I could keep the retail boxed versions unopened.

Shame they stopped making the retail boxed versions though. But I still buy a digital key to keep my collection complete.

Must admit haven't played it in a very long time and I think the last one I played was Black Ops II and or the Remastered version of COD 4 MW. But none of the others after this.
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Haven't bought anything from Activision since advanced warfare a couple of years ago nor I intend to. As long as there are any kind of micro transactions or CoD points, skins or whatever payable stuff in a non-free game, I'm definitely not buying. World of Warcraft: corruption at its best: pay the game, pay subscription, pay items in game, pay skins, pay name change etc.
Mortal kombat: 6000 USD to get all the skins. Nope. Examples can be found everywhere. Remember star wars bf2 in 2017?
I've pre-ordered cyberpunk 2077 and I'd rather pay those nice guys behind gog and witcher some money than these corporate heartless suits at Activision. So yeah, cod was good until "all the money" mantra killed its soul. Michael Bay style.
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Last one I played with modern warfare 3. honestly been gotten stale everything's just a reskin of a reskin of a reskin at this point


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I thought COD 2 was the best out of the first few that came out. MW1 was okay, but the franchise really fell off the charts for me after that, everything felt regurgitated or dumbed down in some fashion or another, especially with the QTE started becoming common place.

I still have my PC copy of COD2. I haven't played it for a while, maybe I should install and have it again.....I wonder if I still have my PS2 copy of CoD Finest Hour.

As for the continuation of the franchise, please, just let it die.


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I've played quite a few of these, mostly the Infinity Ward ones. The very first COD was notable for being one of the first fps games that gave a credible impression of being in a battle. The reasonably faithful WW2 backdrop added a fasinating authenticity that's long gone from the series now.
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My first COD was the very first one that came out. Still have it in its cd case. Never played cod again until I had to troubleshoot someone’s pc and all they played was cod (2019) so that was the only game I was able to test with. Got addicted, bought my own and now have logged in over 500 hours. I’m waiting for my download to finish reading the article and it’s crazy that Captain Price has been alive this long lol