2 different internet connections on network?

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Aug 11, 2005
  1. Hi guys,
    Our network is currently using a Direcway 2-way satellite shared among the network using a proxy server. Is it possible to add a second satellite (WildBlue) to the same network and use both connections?

    Is it possible to use half the systems with Direcway under the proxy server and the other half using Wild Blue to spread out the usage?

  2. tom_pearson

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    I have no experience with satelite connections... in theory this would work, at least I can't see why it wouldn't. Would be interested to see if anyone has any solutions/advice
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  4. Nodsu

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    It will work.. The most efficient way to make use of the two connections would be a load balancing gateway. Load balancing may already be supported by your proxy but you may as well add another router box (or set up routing on the proxy machine).
  5. BlueSky

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    Thanks for the tips fellas,
    Is there no way i can simply connect the #2 sat modem directly into my switch (without any proxy server on #2) and then change the internet gateway on select computers to utilize only sat#2?

    Or will this cause a conflict?
    A load balancing router is the only way?

    Thanks again.
  6. Nodsu

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    Yes of course you can do the gateway thing. It will just not be that efficient.

    It would be even more clever to give both gateways to all computers and just change the order. So half of your machines will prefer one gateway and another half will prefer the other but if the preferred one fails the second one will be used.
  7. BlueSky

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    Hey now there's an idea!! I am not really concerned about efficiency as much as just sharing the workload..... we could do away with the old KU system and go straight to the new KA Wildblue system... but the old system is still being paid for thru a schoolnet program so its a shame to let something free go unused. :)
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