2 disk or 3 disk RAID best for me?

By MorganB
Mar 14, 2003
  1. I have 3 seagate 120 barracudas and i trying to decide on raid0 setup. I play a lot of games and do a lot of video editting so I was thinking i need a block size of 512k or even 1mb. But i know that will not help with the OS.

    So my question is this: Is it best to have all three drives in raid with big block size, or best to use 2 drives in raid and the other as a normal IDE drive for the OS.

    I think the answer is three drives as the performance on a raid solution with large block size will be identical to a single drive and so I may as well have 360 all in one. Ive googled and searched here and I just wanted second opinions before I fry my drives or something as a total newbie to raid :)

  2. MorganB

    MorganB TS Rookie Topic Starter

    On the far side of wierd I seem to find perfomance better with 2 drives in an array than 3 drives. So i guess im going for the 2 & 1 solution rather than 3.

    Go figure ...
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