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Dec 9, 2008
  1. Is an IDE and Sata Hard drive Compatible in same system?

    I'm in the midst of buildinga new system. My Master HD is a Western Digital Caviar black Sata 640 gb. My Slave HD is a Western Digital using an IDE channel. 80 gb. So first thing I'm interested in knowing is: Will a Sata Drive and IDE drive be compatible in the new system? ie: IDE and Sata working in the same system environment? Second question would be: what is the point of putting the OS pagefile on the slave HD? Third question is: which I read from Kimsland that creating partitions are not something that will improve the performance assuming this would hold true for a 640 Gb hd.
    That was my original concern as I have never used this size of HD in the past. Long question longer, what is the advantages and disadvantages of partitioning a large HD?
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    A simple set of questions regarding compatible hd's

  3. kimsland

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    Not all new systems have IDE on the Motherboard
    And if they do, it's usually one IDE port, usually made just for the CD\DVD Drive
    Normally though, IDE and Sata work without fuss together
    Sata is preferred though

    It has been proven that the Pagefile on a seperate HardDrive will run system process faster
    This does not work for seperate partition, on the same HardDrive though.

    That's correct.
    The more partitions, the slower the response
    Now this area can be argued. It is because of fragmentation that the response time can increase... Actually I'm not getting into this big response area, it's too involved
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    Will an IDE HD with XP installed work as a slave drive?

    The scenario I should have given with my last question is this:
    I'm putting together a new system (after using my last system for 5 years.)
    What I would like to do is to install my new SATA Western Digital HD as the Primary HD and use my IDE Western Digital HD as my slave (together in the new system)
    My new MB has an IDE port that will not be used otherwise. (dvd player/writer is SATA.
    I'm concerned that with the IDE hard drive running as a slave hard drive (with XP still installed) will this cause a commotion attempting to install XP on the new SATA Primary drive? If this is not a suggested process, how would one go about getting the desired data from the one HD to the next? In clarifying my question I simply want the data off the IDE drive onto the SATA drive.
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    You should be able to install XP or whatever on the Sata then shut down, install the Pata drive, boot to Bios, and in the boot selection, remove the IDE from boot capability.

    The only time you might ever get a problem is if your Bios resets. By that time, you should have copied off your data and reformatted that drive anyway.
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    Although your last line can be dealt with by many other means (ie plug it into an already working computer as slave; or use a live BootCD like UBCD to back up your data)

    I'll give you a more specific answer to help just your scenario

    Leave the old IDE Harddrive unplugged
    Then install Windows on the new Sata drive
    Then once Windows is fully installed (to the new Sata drive)
    Then plug in the old IDE drive
    Boot up your new Windows normally
    And allow Windows to automatically find and install the old IDE drive into My Computer
    Then backup :grinthumb


    Huh :) !
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