2 Routers...can I Use Both At Same Time?

Jul 10, 2006
  1. Hello all,
    I have been researching and tried everything I read but no luck (Partially though).
    I have a D-Link Di-524 wireless g router as my main router hooked up to High Speed Cable to 2 computers. Now I also Have an X-MICRO WLAN 11g router with about 100ft of cat cable hooked direct from the D-Link. Both are wireless of course. Now I am trying to use the X-Micro as an access point/expander for the laptop while outside in garage/yard etc. I am sure in the settings of the X-Micro I am abble to do this as there were settings of gateway...bridge...and something else. I had this working before but had the xmicro as the main router with a netgear as expander. Worked great but Netgear router was way to slow. So what am I doing wrong with this x-micro router ? MY laptop sees it picks up an excellent signal but will not get a website/internet. Also the complete internet was out for a whole day on the hardwired other 2 computers from the d-link? I Gave the cable company crap since they are down all the time and this (I thought was just another day...lol).

    So want the dlink as main from cable modem...run the cat 5 direct to the x-micro and use as an expander/access point etc. I assume the security would have to be set on both and should use same wep key? or different this might be an issue. Thank You in advance,

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