200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management.

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Well, i'm getting riiiigggghhhhh at the end of my tether here :(

I'm running a Toshiba Laptop 2.8ghz
512 mb of ram
BIOS: Toshiba version 1.8 (updated)
Windows XP professional SP2

Right, so i purchased a Western Digital 200gb hard drive and mounted it onto an external case with USB 2.0. This external case has a 12+ volt adapter with 1.5am (max 18W) . The hard drive is set on Master.

(note: i have anoter USB 2.0 80gb seagate drive that works like a charm, connected to same computer)

Here is the problem, i connect up the 200gb HD to one of my ports. THe computer happily runs that new USB mass storage device says hello. Then everything goes to hell. I opened up explorer expecting my lovely new HD to appear. Uh oh, this is goign to be one of those long days (week really).

I opened up disk management expecting to find it there and only needing a new drive letter assigned, but nope the new HD is not there, just the two i already have (internal, and external 80gb). Its as if my computer refuses to acknowledge it

Next i go to device manager and lo and behold there is a new entry under disk drives that says "Disk Drive" So here i'm thinking what the heck is going on?

I contact Western Digital demanding nicely for an explanation. We go through all the usual basics and crap ie viruses, spyware and drivers.
All drivers are up to spec USB 2.0, Xp SP2, and as far as i know there are no specific drivers for Western Digital hard disks, only their diagnostic tools which can't even seem to find the connected 200gb model. Windows diagnostic seemed to find it, i ran a quick test and it says Error 11, cable error. So i dutifully swapped out the cruddy cable with the cable from my other hard drive. Now it disappears.

The reeeaalllyyy frustrating thing is that it works on a computer with freaky deaky windows 98 on it. Sooooo windows XP is too good for it or what? Its a recent model (200gb WDC2000JB) for crying out loud!!!

So here are the things that are reeealllyy p****** me off, the fact it works on other computers, the fact that its spinning round and round as if its was mocking me, the fact that my computer can't decide whether to accept it or not

So in a few days my computer is not going to be looking good as i constantly pound it into the ground

So any suggestions guys????????????


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take it easy, there's nothing wrong with your computer. the hard drive case needs it's own drivers or you'll have to return it and get a different (and possibly better) one.
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