2x ATI Radeon HD 4850 or 2 x Nvidia 9800GT 512MB SLI

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Hello people, this is my first post here, I was wondering should I change my 2x ATI radeon hd 4850 for 2x Nvidia 9800. I hear a lot of good things about Nvidia cards albeit i've only ever used ATI.


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I'm just going to be gaming on it, S.t.a.l.k.e.r, Team fortress, Counter strike etc. And I'll ofcourse skin my own weapons. I just want to achieve the best FPS possible.


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Like ray said, it's not really going to make a difference. Both cards a graphic powerhouses and will run any game you throw at them, especially when using 2 of the same. I am planning to use two 9800GT (512MB) cards in SLI myself; I also play those games you listed. You can be sure to see a huge improvement in fps and in image quality.


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Just to mention, you have ATI Crossfire now so you will have to change your motherboard to use two Nvidia cards in SLI.


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I play the same Source games you play but on a 8800GT. I actually had an 8800GT SLI configuration at one time and didn't see any real improvement from the second card. I average over a 100FPS on a single card and saw no reason to continue to waste two video cards on one computer. I'd just keep what you already have.

And like mailpup said, you'll need a new nVidia based motherboard to enable SLI with two new nVidia based video cards, so things may be a little more expensive than they originally appeared and you may not see several hundred dollars worth of improvement after all your effort.


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No real difference for most uses... unless you are a gamer or a designer or a photo editor.
Sorry,I don`t get the point of this post....

why not use ati cards as a gamer,designer or photo editor?
some games offer you better frames on nVidia,others like ati better....
but with either ones(or in that case two) you get to play all games out today
with good image quality and good frames per second.


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Get two Zotac 8800GT's from Newegg @ 119.00 each and SLI them. Best GPU dollar to power ratio right now.
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