2x Seagate HDD not working

By bj00uk
Mar 24, 2010
  1. Hi, how is everyone?

    I have a 2 external hard drives for data recovery

    They both have dropped them both over the last 12 months.
    - 500GB Seagate (was inside a Lacie 3.5" external drive) suffers from a clicking noise (commonly known as 'click of death')
    - 1.5TB seagate (was inside a Maxtor 3.5" external drive) suffers from a beeping sort of noise

    Neither is recognised by a computer externally or internally.

    Now basically the person needs the data on it because for some reason he only kept a single copy of the files, or mutliple copies on the SAME hard drive. (some people just don't listen :mad:)

    The person asked if I could swap the platters over to another HDD as suggested by someone he knows. This is where I come in, can anyone please help me with this maybe suggest any otherway to recover the data or help me advice me with swapping the platters between drives?

    I have done some research I do know that;
    - I will need a dust free environment
    - and possibly a Static free enviornment (for safety)
    - make sure I do not get fingerprints on the platters

    Will I need to have identical drives for me to do this?

    I will be testing out on 2 used HDD's (from ebay) before I do it to the actual drives don't want to get told off or get into a fight :(

    If nothing else, atleast I will have experience which I could note down for potential employers (after my degree) :D

    Thanks & Regards
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