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5.1 has NEVER worked for me :(

By wakenbake
Oct 4, 2005
  1. Okay this one has some history to it....

    I've never EVER been able to get 5.1 sound to work with windows and any game that supposedly supports EAX and/or 5.1 sound. This is over two different 5.1 Creative Sound Blaster cards (Live! 5.1 and Audigy LS), always with winXP and games like CS, HL2, or ANY newer game supporting 5.1.

    My current configuration:
    AMD 3200+
    ASUS A7N8X-E Motherboard
    1GB of RAM
    SBlaster Audigy LS - driver dated 2/4/2003
    Logitech's THX 5.1 theatre sound w/ FR, FL, RR, RL, C, and Bass box speakers
    ATI Radeon X800 XT video
    Windows XP SP2
    Speakers set to 5.1 speakers in Control Panel

    The problem manifests in numerous ways:

    In a game like Half Life 2, with speakers set to 5.1 in windows, and 5.1 and EAX enabled in HL2's options, I get Absolutely NO sound whatsoever. Adjusting the speakers to "2 speakers" in windows control panel gets me audio, but not 5.1.

    In Fable: The Lost Chapters, and the speakers set to 5.1, the sound still only comes out of the front two speakers, and actions in game make it LOOK like it's working as if its 5.1 (turn away from a character who's talking and it fades from the front speakers), but NOTHING plays out of the C, RR, and RL speakers. This means if I turn my back on a talking character, the volume of the voice in the front two speakers drops to nothing (assuming its trying to turn up the voice volume in the rear speakers) but I hear nothing since those speakers are not making a peep.

    YEs, the cables are hooked up correctly, they are colorcoded, orange, green and black. I've tried the rear speakers in the fRONT speaker input on the card, and they WORK, there's just no sound coming from the card to the rear or center channel...

    I've gone through MANY differnet computers, both the live! 5.1 and Audigy LS sound cards, and windows 2000-windows xp sp2... NEVER EVER EVER have I EVER gotten 5.1 sound to work. Does anyone else know what the !$#@% is going on with my rig?

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