50 Years of Video Games - Part 3: Good Games Always Prevail

From my point of view, the only serious mistake Steam has made was the posting and allowance for VR only games. That's a loser with all the other non-VR crowd and a serious financial hit on Steam as well as their image ........
Tomb Raider 2013 was and still is a masterpiece
Even the original Tomb Raider from 1996 is still very playable. I have the original Playstation version and I am currently replaying it through OpenLara. Though the world is somewhat empty comparatively to more recent titles, but still kind of relaxing nonetheless.
Metroid Prime on GameCube turned me into a gaming enthusiast. The gorgeous world, satisfying shooting and puzzles made it special. Morphing into a ball to get through tight spaces and reach higher areas was nothing short of brilliant.
Been playing the redo of Quake II, x64 bit since it was only 10 bucks.
I pretty much gave up on video games around 2000'ish, but it was kind of
fun to just hit the ~ key and type in the codes to make it where you can't
get killed. Sometimes, after a hard day...ya just want to blow stuff up!
I was 18 in 1975 when Pong released in Australia hooked me on games for life there have been many fun times over the years. Arcades were awesome I'm back playing WOW dragonflight at the moment looking forward to starfield and many other releases it is such a wonderful world to escape to.
Never stop gaming. Prevent old age dementia. Keep your brains active with games that provoke thinking and imagination. And try to stay away from games that promote vice and those that instill bad habits and bad words.
I read somewhere that there's actually a set number of game types (around 7 or 8, like side scrollers, shooters, etc.), and they can't imagine more, even if they use VR, etc. Given that, many new games are essentially re-skins, e.g., an RTS that's fantasy or sci-fi or apocalyptic, a shooter with aliens or zombies of enemy soldiers, and so on.
No mention of Dune II, Warcraft and Warcraft II or Homeworld in neither of the 3 articles.
That video about Cyberpunk glitches is truly hilarious!

I would buy the game ONLY if those glitches are NOT fixed!!!