64-Bit OS, worth it or not?

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Nov 10, 2006
  1. What exactly ARE the advantages of getting Windows 64-Bit edition, or any 64-bit OS for my Athlon64? I mean... all I've heard from geeky friends is that it performs even more slowly than the standard x86 version.

    So... what's the difference?
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    It was supposed to be a fair bit quicker than the 23bit version!!! But, sadly, it isn't!!!
    Think microsoft couldn't be bothered with sorting it out properly because they want us all to spend loads more money on the new windows vista instead!!!

    I haven't tried xp64 myself but I've seen it and it wasn't stable and there are still plenty of driver problems with it!!!!

    So in short, no, it isn't worth it!!!!
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    I guess that clears that up. Thanks
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    XP64 allows you to run your system in 64bit mode. Unfortunately it is way ahead of its time. There is not a large amount of support for it in terms of drivers and software. In addition many peripherals will have a difficult time using it. Before you decide to upgrade, ensure all your systems and software can use it. You may have to shell out more $ for 64 bit versions of the software (if available.)

    The good thing about 64 bit capable computers is that it provides some support for future-proofing your system.

    Many companies are not quite eager yet to go that route - the VAST majority of home computers are 32 bit. With a 64bit Athlon, you can run it in either mode. However the software cannot run in either mode unless specifically designed to be so.
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