Overclocking 7600GS overclocking help

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can someone help me here. i have a ino3d 7600GS card and its givin me a lot of trouble
so i want to overclock it and get some more guice from it.My card is clocked at 400 mhz core
and 333mhz mem at stock. so what can i do to get more like a volt mode for this card.Or any other s****tion
what does the size of the rom got to do with overclocking? Is more bytes means more overclocking mine has only 61440 bytes.
My card shows nothing at fan meaning no percent or what it is running at.I have attached some pics of my cards spec also.the memory
cips used in this card is Qimonda HYB181512161BF- 25HUV04012 0652. The EEPROM ID is 1f,0065 Amtel AT25F512A 2.7-3.6V 512K x1S
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