8800GT or 8800GTS (G92)

By ebolamonkey3
Jul 16, 2008
  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card from a 6150LE. I'm pretty set on the 8800GT but I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $20 or $30 to get the GTS. I run at 1680 x 1050 and I'm looking at the MSI cards on newegg. Thanks in advance.
  2. Matthew

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    I haven't taken a look around in very recent times so I could be wrong on this, but the last time I checked it was worth getting a Radeon 4850 over the 8800GTS, so, if you're going to spend the extra cash, consider looking at that card.

    In an attempt to answer your question, though: TechSpot has a review of an 8800GTS with benchmarks and the conclusion was that the 8800GTS is a tad faster than the 8800GT, so, if you want a tad more speed it's there; but there are better alternatives as noted above.
  3. ebolamonkey3

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    I thought about getting the Radeon 4850 also, but I heard it runs hot and I didn't want to buy a cooler also. Thanks for the reply though.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Yes, it runs hot. But as long as you have at least an 80mm case fan blowing air out you shouldn't have any issues. Heat will shorten the lifespan of the card, but even at its shorter life span it will last several years, I'm sure it will last longer than you use it. I wouldn't even bother with a 3rd party heatsink/fan for it.
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