A 200-foot asteroid that just missed Earth last week wasn't detected until two days later

Those who spell "Color" "Colour" actually use differing units of measurement as it is. They use metric for some things and "imperial" units for others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrication_in_the_United_Kingdom So maybe that's why its so confusing to TS members like @dangh and @Puiu :laughing:

However, as you noted, passing the Earth at some 60,000 miles is not like we are going to notice the inaccuracies in conversion between metric and english units, much less any normal earthling noting that "gee, was that an asteroid that just passed the Earth?" Within the past coupe years, there was an asteroid that passed within the orbit of geosynchronous satellites which is 22,236 miles or 35,786 km for the conversionally challenged. ;)

And as to missing them, there are probably many more that science misses, too. Its just not a high enough budget priority. :(
Agreed. And Americans do not use meters/km/kg/cm etc. The US military uses metric for distances like meters and km by necessity; but your average American does not give 2 sh*ts about the metric system.
I feel like current western generations worry too much about preventing death; you all gonna die. Avoid every single asteroid and die from heart failure/stroke from your life of constant worry.
Not enough human contact, not enough exercise. What else is there to do beside experiencing all of the mental problems?