A 64 939 Overclock Question

By JimShady23
Jul 27, 2005
  1. Ok here is the scoop I just sold off my 3800 necastle and baught a 3700 san diego. Reason for doing so I heard these puppies OC like a raped cow (2.7gh on air and a jaor over stocl voltage) and I wanted to take advantage of that. Basically i dont want to go 2.7ghz but I do want to achieve A64 4000 speeds of 2.4 or a little more.

    Never overclocked a A64 yet so I have a few questions but have overclocked the piss out of Socket A systems with good results.

    How do you go about it ? The HT multiplier kinda confuses me.

    I have a MSI Neo2 Platinum and has HT multiplier steppings, CPU multiplier settings. CPU voltage...all the goodies. Also have good memory (ocz gold pc3700)

    Just dont know the right formula to get this cpu where I want it. Any help would be great.

    Also this puppy idles at a unheard of 23c with a zahlman HS/F(the 3800 newcastle I just got rid of idled at 32c)
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    Umm, the htt multi for a stock 939 processor is 5x, the htt speed is 200mhz, which give you a htt bus speed of 1000(5x200). You don't want to go over 1000 for 939, so any oc, you should move it to 4x(or 3x above 250 htt speed). Keep the htt bus between 600 and 1000.

    Don't increase the voltage much if at all to start, that's the easiest way to kill your cpu, too much voltage, don't go over 1.6v to be safe, 1.5v is safer if you must increase it.

    You probably will have to use a memory divder(like select 133 instead of 200mhz in bios) which would be a 133/200 divider(rounded to 2/3). Other memory speeds would be 166, and 100mhz, start at 166, and as you increase the htt, decrease the ram. I'm not sure how much your ram will do at stock, probably at least htt speed of ~230mhz before you need the 166 divider.

    Don't go in big jumps, go small steps, and then check for stability in prime95 for about 5min just to see if it's stable for a little, then increase if it passes. Then when it fails, back off the htt some, and then see if it'll pass p95 for several hours. If so, good to go.

    If you need more info, I can try to help more.
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