A cheaper, redesigned Galaxy Fold could arrive in April


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We’d already heard that Samsung was working on another Galaxy Fold device, one with a smaller (6.7-inch) screen that uses a flip phone-style clamshell design similar to the new Motorola Razr.

According to Korean publication ETNews (via TechRadar), another change to the Fold 2 – assuming it uses that name – will be its use of scratch-resistant Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). Samsung uses a transparent plastic polyimide (PI) protective layer on the current Fold.

One of the issues people have with the Galaxy Fold is its near $2,000 price tag. With the Fold 2, Samsung is aiming to bring that down to around $1,500. While that’s still a lot of money, it’s not far off a top-specced flagship smartphone.

In order to sell the Fold 2 at that price, Samsung might have to abandon plans to use UTG due to the high production costs along with its low production capabilities and yield rates. If this is the case, the company will once again use transparent PI in the device.

Another way of saving money would be to lower the Fold’s storage capacity. The original Fold comes with 512GB of UFS 3.0, but SamMobile reports that this will be halved to 256GB in the Fold 2.

We still don’t know when Samsung is planning to release the new Fold. It had been predicted to arrive as soon as Q1 2020, though The Bell believes it will arrive slightly later, in April.

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LOL, oh, so 1500 bucks is better than 2000 bucks?
In what universe?
I won't pay more than 500 bucks for a smartphone, and, I hesitate at that!


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1.5k is still a lot of money for a gimmick
You could get a very high end desktop PC or a mid range/high end laptop
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Samsuck is probably hoping that at $1,500 they will sell out before every one of them falls apart.

Jules Mark II

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Just in time for April Fools.
If they are using "quality" parts right now, it's worrying what they will be using in April.


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Samsung just opened a credit account for me with some backwater fly by night bank, without me ever having to apply !!!

The letter reads, "Welcome to Samsung financing" :eek:

I think I'll work on a serious hangover tonight, and give these people a serious amount of grief in the morning

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