A Lag Outbreak

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Oct 7, 2006
  1. I've been experiencing lots of lag in my computer. The startup takes 20 min to load, and the usual loading sounds aren't there anymore.

    Once I do get into the computer, wenever I run a program or file, there is a lot of lag. Even opening taskbar menu, or my computer. For example, when I click save as or print on microsoft word, there is a 4 second lag :( My comp is usually faster than this.

    pg5d2 motherboard
    windows xp
    3.2 intel p4
    sound blaster audigy 2
    x850xt videocard
    200 gig maxtor
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    Also go to your task manager (ctrl, alt del) and click the processes tab. See if there are any processes using 100% of your CPU. If so, try and disable that process and see if it helps. You can also try and reseat all of your cables. I had a hard drive that was doing the same thing. I even formatted the drive and still I was having the same problem. Turns out one of my IDE cables wasn't inserted all the way. It's the little things.
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    This problem felt more like a hardware problem, because it all started after one reboot. It was working fine, then the comp automatically rebooted itself, which started all the problem.

    BTW most of my computer parts are refurbished, or really old.
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    I've fixed the problem. It was actually a corrupted HDD. So I purchased a 250 g HDD and it works perfectly now. Hope this helps other people in the future.
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    Thanks for letting us know :)

    Have fun with your PC
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