A Linux user's story

By Mictlantecuhtli
May 8, 2002
  1. It began with a simple adduser command. I was just starting to create Linux from Scratch and I followed its installation instructions.
    Weeks passed, I reinstalled two Linuxes several times and found myself creating another user, a common user, in addition to no-compromises, no-limits, not-all-knowing root to Red Hat Linux as well.
    Somehow, I've been converted. I no longer feel limited. It required a bit of editing so that I could write to certain partitions, could mount filesystems and so on, but maybe it was worth it. It didn't take too long, either. Reading some html & man pages, making necessary changes, tweaking with Linuxconf, that was all.
    I even know how to use su command now.
    When I had created my own Linux, I decided I want a Graphical User Interface. So, I installed XFree86 4.2.0. But something was clearly missing. Aha, I realized, a proper Window Manager!
    Using a broadband connection (not at home) I downloaded Gnome 1.4 and 2.0 beta sources. Hours passed by, I was still fighting against missing libraries and errors in .c and .h files. Finally, I read Phantasm66's post about KDE3. So far I had always chosen Gnome if I had that option. But this time I thought I'd give it a try. So I downloaded KDE3 sources as well. With a simple ./configure and make commands I installed KDE3. Everything went smooth, not a single error occurred.
    Now I've chosen to use KDE even in Red Hat (root's Window Manager is still Gnome, though, but I haven't logged in as root for a long time). I like this. I've read about KDE being slow, but I don't remember reading about other problems with it. I won't say this is slow. Maybe it's just because I'm using a fast computer. Things fade in & out, fonts are antialiased, windows animate. Still I won't say this is slow.
    Negative sides? Tooltips, when enabled, sometimes get stuck, won't disappear. Other than that? Hmm.. Maybe Gnome's panel is a bit more flexible, but KDE's panel does its job. I can add buttons, applets and extensions to it. Overall, I can change virtually everything in Window Manager appearance.
    Now, this fundamental Gnome-using root has changed to KDE-using common user. It's unlikely I'll change back but never say never..
  2. recoombe

    recoombe TS Rookie

    if i had the luxury of broadband (and patience) i would try it, but i'm lazy and i'm not downloading gnome/kde on 56k (hell i'm hunting for a linux compatible modem as i type).

    if it wasn't for me being a gameaholic i'd be completely over to linux also. i do have some games i could try and get to work in linux (quake-engine games on geforce 3) but as of now i'm not motivated enough to fool with mesa and xfree (last time i did for a week i was reinstalling more than i was "tweaking") for the moment. maybe if i get a second system...
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