a setup program runs on setup and task manager refuses to run.

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May 26, 2005
  1. a setup program runs on startup of windows and task manager refuses to run.

    I have tried allsorts of things to get rid of a setup program that runs on startup but i cant find where the program is in ms config startup option i also cannot open task manager to see what the program is called, it says its used by another program, any help with this would be a godsend i need to atleast use task manager even if i dont fix the setup program which runs(this can be cancelled when it appears).
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  3. poxon2005

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    i dont know what the program is that runs on startup or i would get rid of it and msconfig is working, its my ability to use task manager really i need (will the autoruns help with that?)
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  5. TKE248

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    If you still can't get it to work they do have a taskmanager replacement

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