A third of Facebook users are planning to take a break this year

Shawn Knight

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A new study from Pew Internet Project reveals that a number of people are planning to reduce the amount of time they spend on Facebook this year. In fact, more than 60 percent of respondents say they have already taken...

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Someday something better will come along, millions of people will rush to sign up and forget about good ol' Facebook. It's human nature. Maybe it's just me or my old schools ways but I've never seen what's so great about Facebook.


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Finally some positive news regarding the second biggest waste of time to be put on the internet. I am surprised that only "nine percent were fed up with excessive gossip and drama" that's all Facebook is, pointless drama and gossip, actually the reason why I got fed up myself. The relevance of the content is just none existent for the vast majority of what happens on Facebook, when you come to that conclusion you have no choice but to delete your account. The only thing I miss was sharing pictures with friends, now I use alternatives, but they still use Facebook unfortunately, but they'll smarten up eventually.


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Sadly without my smartphone the only tool for communication I have is FB


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I left FB over a year ago then came back recently but starting to regret coming back on, havent missed much.


Are they talking about FaceBook or World of Warcraft??? Anyone seeing a trend?


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Where did I state I hated it? I merely alluded to it being superfluous to me. It's my opinion and my opinion only. If you're in love it, so be it.


Okay easy there with your "superfluous" comments.

Millions of people also use this social tool to communicate with those they have not seen in years, create groups that allow in-person social functions to happen (As I am currently doing, with much success) and simply NOT using it for "Farmville" or what ever nonsense others may use it for. It's also their choice, so let the haters hate. They'll simply go to another social networking website immediately after.