A trio of Republicans propose new bill to end "warrant-proof" encryption

Alfatawi Mendel

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Honestly if its for good what is the problem.
Imagine a crime going unsolved because his device is locked.
Only in the important cases like murder or terror should they be able to unlock a phone.
Petty crime or drugs or robbery no.
murder child safety or terror yes.
When the FBI and DOJ can actively enable 30 years of Jeffrey Epstein's paedophilia...who can trust the government with anything?


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What Privacy??
If you live in the US or UK, ALL of your personal data is traded (for hard cash)between various entities.
Including your personal health data, location data, financial data etc.
And the 'market' makes sure you personally don't see a penny of the £/$. billions.
The only difference between the regimes of China, Russia and the US/UK five eyes, is the vanishingly thin line of democratic accountability.
That accountability is what Cotton, Graham, and the free-marketeers want destroyed.

I definitely can't argue with you about my information being sold to retailers to advertise to me. That in itself doesn't bother me as long as I'm getting what I want.

But the Justice department is different altogether. I don't want those pigs and racists knowing ANYTHING.


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There is no racism Quantum the stats just dont stack up to support your argument in fact its the reverse.
People bring thing onto themselves and point to the race card when it suits them.
Men are men and are treated equally but its the Racists who do the finger pointing.

Jerry in WA

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"If you have nothing to hide, why worry?" was basically their last comment.

Anyone who gets triggered by the word "racists", and also jumping up to defend our dysfunctional administration, who, to anyone with even the slightest objectivity, are pretty obviously Racists, I think it says a fair amount about that person.