A very strange issue with Firefox and Screen Resolution please Help

By Sir_Lancelot
Apr 15, 2006
  1. A friend of mine was telling me about a problem he was having completely dumbfounded having never heard of such an issue I had him describe in detail the problem in msn messenger.

    Hes using this:
    Windows XP with service pack 2, Firefox, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420.

    and heres the problem copy and pasted directly from MSN messenger (just pieced together without the whole **** says: thing

    The first problem is that my mother regularly plays pool on Yahoo (that's not the problem).. If you've played games on Yahoo you know that below the game is a chat window. Recently a status bar appeared on the game window, covering half the chat. You cannot see what someone types until something new is typed and pushes the first up to the top half of the chat area. Bear in mind that my mother uses 800 x 600 resolution. When I suggested she change to 1024 x 768(which fixes the issue), she claimed "The table is too small to see if I do that.". I suggested she try Firefox. I thought this was finally my chance to convert her, as I've been trying for 2 years now. She went to her little game in Firefox, but still had the same problem. I changed her resolution and said to her "Get used to it." Then left. This morning I get on and she tells me she's having a problem. I sign onto her user name and it's back to 800 x 600. I sigh, and open Firefox...then for some odd reason the resolution changed to 640 x 480. Everything worked fine other than that, and the computer was a little slow... Then when I closed Firefox, the resolution went back to 800 x 600. If anybody knows a solution to either or both of these problems, help would be appreciated..as I am completely stumped. Also for some reason before all of this if I right clicked on my desktop, the menu came up instantly. Now it takes 10 seconds.

    Well thats his issue now I was stumped I asked him if I could post that here to ask for help (*since he woud have to regester for an account and everything and dosent wanna do all that just to ask a question I just posted it for him) he said sure because he needs any help he can get with this were both pretty confused and have no clue to what could be the issue.
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    Could it be that Firefox is set to run in compatibility mode?
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