A7n8x making strange constant interference anytime you do anything

By nottoobright
Jun 1, 2004
  1. My PC is making very strange noises all the time. anytime you do anything or the computer does anything you can hear an audio representation of it. anytime you press a key on the keyboard it makes a popping sound and the mouse makes a buzzing sound when you move it. Also anytime you scroll up or down in internet explorer it makes a funnny squeak, and any time the hard drive turns on or accesses data it buzzes. otherwise there is also a constant helicopter type click. I already tried istalling new drivers. Anybody have any ideas?

    My system
    black soyo micro atx case
    a7n8x w/ xp2400 oc'd to 2600
    radeon 8500le
    SBlive value
    512mb crucial ddr400
    120Gig seagate barricuda
    dvd rom, 52x cdrom, 48x sony burner
    3.5" upfront audio and usb insert
  2. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Just a guess but it sounds like bad shielding on your speaker cables......picks up interference from all electical components.
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