A8N-E + A64 3000+ overclocking help :(

By Quack 4
Mar 1, 2006
  1. I am having trouble getting my A64 3000 past HTT of 222. The bios settings are right to me knowledge with PCI locked at 33.3, DDR 400 set to DDR 333, HTF set 4x. The PC will boot with even 250 HTT but will always get stuck at boot screen not moving any further. I am kinda suspecting the bios as I have heard some stuff about its finicky settings not sticking correctly or something. Anyone has experience with overclocking on this board? Can you tell me your bios version and settings so that i can try it out?

    Spec of PC:
    A64 3000+
    A8N-E w 1011 bios
    Corsair 2.5/3/3/8 512MB X 2 DDR 400
    Leadtek 6800GS
    SMC Lan card
  2. Quack 4

    Quack 4 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Used ezflash to try and revert back to previous bios to see if overclocking improves. Weird thing, the flash program won;t allow me to flash back to older firmware.

    Anyone who suceeded in flashing bios back to former ones?
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