a8n sli deluxe 1.1 dead? system fails memory test

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Mar 27, 2006
  1. hi everyone, hope somebody can help me with this!
    well i set up this system around this time last year, and its been running fine until one fateful night that i can hardly remember.. i was pretty wasted and had a few friends round.. all rowdy, fighting etc (probably knocked my rig) and as far as i can remember it shut down fine at the end of the night. i came to start it up the next day to be tormented by the asus bint "system failed memory test" i get no signal to the monitor, no where near POST, and if it means anything the keyboard lights dont light up at any time during power up but all the fans are fine and the dvd drive will open close and the hd also powers up and makes a few noises like its trying to be accessed. well i checked all my connections, blocks for contact, changed the memory between slots, tryed one stick.. tryed my gfx card in the secondary pci-x slot, rotated the sodimm sli thingy, tryed powering the molex sli plug on the board (cant remember what is called) cleared the cmos many times (5 seconds- 1 hour with the battery out) etc etc. so i took all my components (minus cpu) to a friends and tested them in his rig, all fine. so basically i think the board is dead or my bios chip is corrupt or maybe my cpu has died. obviously my warrenty is void because of the watercooling setup so no chance of rma with this board, and i want to know if any of you lot know what the problem is before i have to go through the process of removing the cpu as its alot of hassle for my only friend with a pcix rig (he thinks im going to break his too basically, maybe i will :monkey: ) so anybody have any ideas before i go and blow another weeks wages on a replacement something, (stuff dying is always an excuse to upgrade though :p )
  2. Spliffmunsta

    Spliffmunsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry forgot to add my system specs, il add them to my profile now, but it was running fine for almost a year.
  3. Spliffmunsta

    Spliffmunsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump! hope thats ok.. didnt read the rules when signing up :S if it is let me know and it wont happen again :)
  4. Tedster

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    minimize the components. Motherboard, memory, video card. If the computer still won't post, something is toast.
  5. Spliffmunsta

    Spliffmunsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok il try without the hd and dvd attached and report back.. i would do it barebone off the tray right now but im gona have to destroy my tidy cables (2 days of organising and many many cable ties etc) and pull apart/drain my cooling and reattach it all as its tight and pretty much permenant (lost the heatsinks :( )so i only want to do it as a very very last resort..

    so i assume if without hd or dvd drive its a dead mobo, corrupt bios or frazled cpu..any idea where i can get a replacement bios chip and removel tool in the uk for a good price? or would anyone be willing to flash my bios chip? il give a akasa amber series 120mm and 2 uv reactive (blue and red) 80mm fans in return. anyone interested?
    if worst comes to worst what do you all think of the dfi lanparty nf4 expert mobo? i rekon it would be good fun for oc'in
  6. Spliffmunsta

    Spliffmunsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh its the same situation with a 6800gt instead of a x1900xtx too
  7. Spliffmunsta

    Spliffmunsta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi, quick update.. stripped down to the min its the same.. spose i should try a fresh bios chip.. before buying a fresh mobo, can anyone help with my questions from 2 posts ago? may be testing the processor 2nite.. if not out on the lash.. il let u's know.
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