Aaron Sorkin confirmed to write screenplay for Steve Jobs film

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Following months of rumors, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures have confirmed that Aaron Sorkin has been selected to write the screenplay for a movie based on the life of...

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Julio Franco

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Big fan of Aaron Sorkin. Although he's better known in the techsphere for his work on The Social Network, his earlier work on The West Wing was top notch.


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They should get Noah Wyle to reprise the role. He did a great job in Pirates of Silicon Valley. He was also in A Few Good Men, so they've technically already worked together! I also heard that they were considering between him and George Clooney... yeah... Clooney.


TS Evangelist
Unusual that sony is doing it rather than disney. Didn't Jobs own a gadzillion dollars of disney stock? You would think.