about REALmagic X-card review..

By sherbet012
Mar 21, 2005
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  1. hey!
    i read the REALmagic X-card review. an excellent review!

    i just have one question.

    i notices that it only supports 720 x 576 resolution.
    does this card supports the AVI file (XviD, MPEG 4) that is in really high resolution? (1280 x 720?)

    i tried to play the 1280 x 720 file on my system but the video/audio was out-of-sync. so i'm thinking of purchasing one..

    anyways, thx for the replies!
  2. TS | Thomas

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  3. sherbet012

    sherbet012 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    it wasn't any software/codecs problem; i formatted twice to make sure that i installed the right codecs in different configurations..

    still didn't work.. :confused:

    i guess it's upto the video card's 2D performance. it plays a bit better with faster system, though it's still out-of-sync.

    wish if X-card could've solve problems like these..

    are there any other hardware solutions?

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