Access: Count within option group

By opus88
Nov 14, 2005
  1. Hi, All!

    I have an Access 95 database with numerous option groups to capture ratings (using 1 to 5) on various customer-service questions. My problem is getting the reporting function to tell me how many 1s, how many 2s, etc., for each of the approximately 20 questions. So far I can only get it to return which number was marked, but not a total of each rating.

    I tried doing a query with the totals and then making another query based on
    that but using the Count Total function, but that didn't work either. I'm not
    sure how to get these totals of each rating for each of the option groups. Is
    it even possible with an option group to set up such reporting? Would the
    option groups need to be changed to individual checkboxes (ugh!)?

    Please note that while I am comfortable with Access' design interface, I am
    not a programmer, so your answers may need to be "dumbed down" for me.

    Many thanks for your help!!!
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