Access or SQL???

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Jun 9, 2002
  1. I know both these programs are used to build databases. What I want to know is which one is better at doing it? I've used Access, but no SQL. What I am aiming to do is to be able to build a database to store band names and bios and info. like that. Also, I would like to build a separate database to store information from forums I would have on my site (I assume this is how forums are done). Basically I would like to create a forums somewhat similar to this one.

    I was hoping some of you guys have worked with SQL or other database programs and could give me some additional info. about them. Also, I would appreciate it if Julio could maybe post a comment about how this forum was constucted and with which program. ;)

    Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Rick

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    I have tried this... I ended up settling for a premade board. This forum is actually freeware and so are many others. I suggest you use a premade forum instead of writing your own (unless you absolutely need something unique). It will save you a loooooot of time and you'll thank yourself.

    Since these things are made from scripting languages, you can easily modify the code to suit your own needs and you'll have the benefit of using a secure, bug-free software.
  3. SuperCheetah

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    Re: Re: Access or SQL???

    Ahhh...thank you thank you Rick. This is what I was hoping to hear. Customization is essential because of course I don't want my forum looking exactly like this one, rather be unique like all other ones.

    You know of any good sites for programs like this or should I go to the links you posted earlier in the other thread on Perl???

    I don't mind spending some money if my project gets off and running, but I don't want to invest thousands in a program like this. I would appreciate it if Julio could post exactly which program is used to make this board because I like the speed and makeup. Anyways, back to designing my site!!! :)

    By the way, I'm just curious as to why you weren't around during the contest awhile back Rick? You'd be a great candidate to win it IMO. ;)
  4. redfoxtx

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    I'm a little confused, this board is VB, so i would of thought u'd have to have a registered copy, as far as I'm aware VB is quite definately NOT freeware.

    As for a good FREE forum, try XMR ( they just had a new release and its almost completely as customizable as VB, except, its free.

    Both XMB and VB use mySQL databases which they interect with through PHP. so you'll need both running on your server.
  5. Rick

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    Sorry for the misinformation, redfoxtx is correct. There are an assortment of other free boardd out there. Some popular ones include Ikonboard and mwForum. Their speed, customability and functionality rival professional boards out there, so it is worth taking a look at.

    Thanks for the contest recommendation. ;) The truth is, I won a contest a few months ago @ Techspot.. along with 2 other lucky people. I'm not accustomed to winning anything, so it was a shocker. :)

    Have you worked on your site any? Let me know how you are progressing and if you need any help, I'll offer what I can. I have to warn you though.. I have a very narrow perspective on web development since the only way I've ever done it is my way.. I'm still learning as I go and I don't know a lot. I'll be happy to share what I do know though.
  6. SuperCheetah

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    Well, I finally got the chance to start on it today. I'll try and find somewhere to upload it for now to show you what I've done so you can post any suggestions. I don't really know how to put up a place to download music yet though. Know anything about that? It's really basic and I haven't gotten the structure down yet, so when I do I'll try and get the design to you. Also, I want to have the ability to stream music through IE or another program over the net, again do you know how I might be able to accomplish this?

    Other than that all is going ok so far. I'm just trying to figure out how I want everything. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get some more work done and it'll look much better than it does now. ;)

    I've been taking a look at the link redfoxtx posted earlier and I'm interested in their product. They have a nice layout and what looks to be good support. This might be a possibility for my forums section.
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