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By wakasaki
Jul 17, 2008
  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just purchased Acronis True Image 11 Home and a Western Digital 500GB Hard drive.

    Here is my Hard drive setup.
    Primary Hard drive is an internal SATA(300GB)
    Secondary Hard drive is an external USB(500GB)

    I deleted the partition on the external hard drive, so now it shows up as unallocated.
    The internal Hard drive has about 127GB of data on it.
    The internal Hard drive also has Windows XP Media Center on it.

    Basically what I want to do is use Acronis to take all of the data from my internal Hard drive, including the Operating System, and place it all on the external Hard drive so I can boot from it. I basically want the external Hard drive to be a complete backup incase something happens to my internal Hard drive.

    Can someone please show me how to do this? Thanks a ton :)
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    At the main screen, in the top menu, lick on Tools > Clone Disc. Follow the directions. :)
  3. wakasaki

    wakasaki TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Rick,

    I did what you said, everything seemed to go ok. I got the confirmation and it said it was successful. But when I tried to boot off of the external Hard drive it said "Master Boot Record error"

    I then ran recovery console off my cd and then did "fixmbr"
    That was done successfully.

    Now when I try to boot off of the external hard drive it gets to the windows loading screen now, but then I get a blue screen when it's in the middle of loading. I don't know what the blue screen says because it just flashes really quick.

    Now I went back into recovery console from my cd, and then did "fixboot" then did "fixmbr" - they both went successfully.
    The same problem keeps happening, it gets to the loading screen with windows logo then blue screen then restart.

    Since the cloning isn't working, can I create a backup image from the backup tools section and then place that image on a different hard drive and then boot that up?
  4. wakasaki

    wakasaki TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Ok after several backup attempts I have found the solution and would like to share with everyone incase they run into this problem.

    Ok my setup is 2 SATA Hard Drives. One of them being internal and the other in an external enclosure.

    To be more exact, the internal Hard Drive is 300GB with 2 partitions(C: and D: )
    The external Hard Drive is 500GB and is a My Book from Western Digital. The external Hard Drive has an attached converter which converts the SATA connection into a USB connection. This drive is formatted with one big particion called F:

    I am using Acronis True Image 11 Home to create an image of my internal SATA Hard Drive.

    This is how I did it. I installed Acronis True Image onto my computer. Then I opened it and clicked on the Backup and Recovery Button. Then I clicked Backup.
    Then the wizard opened up and I did the following. Selected "My Computer", Selected Disk 1(300GB Hard Drive) and then selected to save the image on Disk2(500GB Hard Drive). You can call the image whatever you want, I called my hello. I left the default settings as is. After all that the process began.

    After it is done it will let you know. Now when I check my external drive(500GB Hard drive) it has the image hello.tib on it. I believe tib stands for True Image Backup.

    Now If my internal Hard Drive(300GB) were to crash. I can simply open up Acronis True Image(the bootable version) and then take the image from the external Hard Drive and restore it to the internal Hard Drive.

    Acronis also let's you mount an image, which actually let's you browse that image as if it were an actual Hard Drive. You asign it a letter and then it will pop up when you go to My Computer. When your done copying/editing files in that image you can unmount it with Acronis.

    Also if you would like to have 2 hard drives with the exact same info on both of them and be able to boot them both(not at the same time) then this is easy also. Just create an image of the 300GB Hard drive and save that image on the 300GB Hard drive. Then simply take that image and restore it to the 500GB Hard drive. HERE IS WHERE I HAD TROUBLE. I successfully placed the image on my external drive(500GB) then tried to boot it up via usb and it just would not work! I would get a "Master Boot Record Error". Then I would repair it, then when I tried to boot it would give me a blue screen in the middle of the windows xp loading screen. So then all I had to do was remove the drive from the enclosure and swap it with my other hard drive and then it worked perfectly :)

    sorry If I am unclear, just trying to help :)
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