Activision reveals non-FPS Call of Duty title due in 2011

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Following the departure of Vince Zampella and Jason West (involved with the creation of Call of Duty), Activision has formed a new business unit to run the CoD franchise. Phillip Earl, who leads Activision's Asia Pacific region, will manage the new unit. Meanwhile, Steve Pearce, chief technology officer, and Steve Ackrich, head of production, will run Infinity Ward.

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hate to break it to you but the franchise was already ruined once they released their first sequel


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Fall of Duty!

Been following this story on gaming blogs since yesterday and it's been rather interesting to say the least. From confusion early on to more hatred for Activision when the firing became known. One of my favorite things I've read so far was from one of the BFBC2 designers: "Man. I bet IW execs Vince and Alex (sic) feel like they just played their own game IRL. All the way to the end of the level only to get betrayed." While I don't think there is anything revealed yet as to who is at fault, Activision is sure quick to ensure everyone that CoD is moving forward...and I'm positive I'm not the only one who is wondering what in the world they are thinking with action-adventure and a pay 2 play CoD model...


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hate to break it to you but the franchise was already ruined once they released their first sequel
hate to break it to you but CoD series is one of the best selling game franchises to date. you play a lot of WoW don't you?

Activision has done this before, and it's unfortunate when a subsidary company loses people but that's the industry. I do believe that IW saw their best days with MW1 and MW2 but I don't like the direction they are taking the game now.


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I enjoyed MW1 a lot, and was excited to see how MW2 would pan out.. until it actually panned out. With all the little details that got revealed, it became clear that MW2 was nothing more than a sellout. By sellout, I mean it was developed from the get-go with the intent of being a console game. I really hate to see PC gamers get shafted like they did with MW2, and it is now clear that was Activision's intent. I can't blame them for wanting to take advantage of the huge popularity of console gaming, but it is sad that they forced IW into this.

Call of Duty: the next Madden.


It's amazing people condemn something even without seeing or experiencing a demo first.


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I'd give them a chance, but just about every developer has disappointed me the past 3 years. Its getting to a point where I'm able to walk away and not play any games for days at a time.


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Guest said:
It's amazing people condemn something even without seeing or experiencing a demo first.
Given the direction they are taking all activision games, I don't think so. Activision is pushing PC games to the margin and giving us ported console games. Let them stick to consoles, I'll go to another company that will take advantage of the PC's superiority to the consoles. See ya later Activision!


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Well I used to stay with Crytek but now they make games for those doorstops called the xbox and ps3. Don't get me wrong console gaming is great for people too stupid to use a computer properly but there are barely if any only PC developers anymore. At least valve gives PC the good game and console the shitty one unlike everyone else.


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Well, i love the FPS style of COD. But an RTS version of COD would be awesome. Hope it is like the Commandos series of games. Love that too


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Sounds like a 3rd person CoD could be coming up around the corner, but as Ashwingeek said an RTS version would be SICK! Just like Company of Heroes but improve on it, (CoH is already SICK).


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A non-fps Call of Duty??!? I find it hard to believe that this will be a success, but the makers of Call of Duty are yet to disappoint me. Even World at War, with its less-than-modern-warfare-gameplay revolutionized tower defense games with "Nazi Zombies". I am very excited for this 2011 release!


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how would that work i wonder? how will this appeal to the loyal fanbase made of mainly fps players? perhaps a strategy style game? could be interesting...


Consoles are for people who enjoy playing games. Why else would you buy a console exclusivly made for games.

Not all of us can be 40 years old, grossly overweight and living in our parent's basement playing on our PC. Fanboy retard.. get a ****ing life and quit your bitching. I laugh at all the **** PC users are going through now, it's ****ing karma for making threats against illegally downloading the games. Couldn't go on any website without seeing it so don't deny it, suck it. Besides, everyone has their own gaming preference.

Oh and FYI Modern Warfare 1 was a fluke. One of my favourite games of all time but after playing mw2, it was obviously a fluke.
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