Add/remove problem

By bones5277
Sep 4, 2009
  1. I am unable to open add/remove program in control panel, I also am unabe to down load any program such as spybot or avg. I am able to go onto the web and try to download but the program does not showup on my computer (desktop).
    The message that I rec. is as follows: C:\window\system32\rundll.exe, parameter is incorrect.
  2. Kozex

    Kozex TS Rookie

    Thats basically ssaying it doesnt exist, the address paramater is incorrect which means theres no exe in the folder by that name. you might want to check that yourself.

    It sounds like a malicious program has shut your windows down as in restricting you doing what you want to do, I have had this before....tried serveral avg's and the viruses wouldnt let me update the definitions, couldnt uninstall anything the end i had no choice but to completely format it.
  3. gbhall

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    Yes, infected - a certainty. If possible, download all the stuff required for attempted fixes (see our malware page), onto a flash drive by using another PC. See if you can start your PC in safe mode, and try running things from the flash drive.

    You probably won't get anywhere though, these particular infections that stop you doing most things are very hard to eradicate, and need an expert approach. I hope you have backups of all your important data, because you will probably end up having to reinstall Windows from scratch.

    If you are (or know someone) reasonably expert, the best approach to these problems is to put your hard drive in another PC and disinfect it from there, but I hesitate to suggest you cheerfully bulldose someone into doing that, because it is all too easy to infect the donor PC as well - nice present !

    Those who know about these things run from a CD copy of linux or even better, Ultimate Boot for Windows (a CD is read-only of course and cannot possibly become infected).
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