Adding Second Drive Dell Dimension 4700 won't recognize Help!

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Aug 19, 2007
  1. Hello All... Thanks in advance for any help! I am trying to add a second hard dirve to a Dell Dimension 4700. The driving I am trying to add is the drive that went bad. New drive works great.

    I have it connected properly I believe and the Bios recognizes it and it is turned on in Bios. I have a ton of family photos on this drive and I need to retrieve them.

    Would like to do this without sending this drive out. Thanks
  2. rapzkilla

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    well if it is a bad drive, maybe its already dead. You will do better if you get a hard drive enclosure 3.5, hook up the drive and run a file recovery software. I dont believe windows will recognize it normally...
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    Define, "went bad."
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    Bad Hard Drive Dell Dimension 4700 Description

    Thanks for your responses. When I say the drive is bad I experienced the drive not booting. The bios does recognize it is there when I turned it on in the Bios. It is a SATA drive. I did try running Acronis and it did recognize the drive but said it had errors and suggested the drive be checked for errors.

    The machine itself started with replacing the memory, then the motherboard, then the DVD drive, then the heat sink (the fan would not stop running) and now the hard drive. New hard drive is running fine so I don't think there are any problems with the connections.

    Seagate gave an estimate to retrieve documents and pictures on drive at the rate of $1400. Can't go there. The pictures alone on this drive are from day one of last year and a half of my granddaugter growing etc. No other copies of these pictures. My daughter is devestated. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you heard of the freezer trick? Sometimes placing the hard drive in a freezer for couple of hours (protected in a plastic zip lock type bag) and then hooking it up can bring it back to life long enough to copy your pictures and any other data. Sometimes it works while cold and sometimes it works after it thaws out. It's not guaranteed but it's worth a try.

    Do a google search and see how others have done it. I've never had to yet myself.
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