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Additional hard drive will not let the system boot

By philip888
Dec 10, 2011
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  1. My gigabyte EX58A-UD3R has 6 hard drives. I do music and video production.
    1. drive is XP 2. drive is W7 Ult 64 Bit the other 4 drives are used for media reading and writing to.
    Last night my system would not boot. In either XP or W7.
    I disconnected all drives these are SATA drives.
    I reconnected one by one.
    I started with the XP drive it booted normal... I took a deep breath.
    I added the W7 drive and booted into it. It booted normal.
    I added my Pro Tools write to drive. I could boot normal into both XP and W7.
    I added my Avid Assets drive and the system would freeze on boot up on both XP and W7.
    I tried using different cables, tried different SATA controller positions. But that changed nothing. Still the same behavior to the the system when that particular drive is connected the system freezes on boot..

    The drive shows up as it should be in the Bios. The MB sees it and the drive seems to see the MB.

    I used a disc utility called HDD Regeneration to test the drive.

    Booted into the HDD Regeneration utility it lists the drive, chose it to check.
    HDD Regeneration found no errors in the drive.

    So I took the drive out of may case and booted into W7.

    Put the drive in question in an external SATA docking station.

    Connected it via a usb and W7 picks up the drive in "My Computer" as you would except having an external drive connected.

    All my data is there and accounted for.

    Any ideas here?

    Thank you

  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Ive come across the rare occasion where some drives just dont like being linked together, this was with IDE drives, did the system boot previously with all the drives in.

    Have you changed the boot order at all, ie have you got the faulty drive as first boot device.?
  3. wrt54gs7

    wrt54gs7 TS Enthusiast

    Try changing from AHCI to IDE mode of your sata drive (boot drive) or all sata drives (BIOS configuration). What kind of errors you get during boot failures?

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