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Adsl Frequent Disconnection

By cosmocare
Jul 29, 2007
  1. i got a broadcom bcm 96345 chipset adsl router,i run a cyber cafe with around 10 systems browsing is ok but there is a frequent disconnection in theconnection,we can know this from messengers and even web based chats like google is there any solution out there please help me out i didnt upgrade the firmware , if it can solve my problem where ican get this
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,856   +901

    disconnect what; the adsl modem or your specific laptop/desktop?
    When it occurs, what happens to the other users? Do they remain connected?

    If others are ok and only your connection drops, then it's located in your
    and you need updated drivers for your WiFi adaptor.
  3. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    ...and try and use better english please. I could hardly understand that.
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