ADSL modem wont connect to ISP...

By dweller
Feb 23, 2005
  1. First up, I apologise if I've posted this in the wrong place.

    Ok, so problem I'm having is as follows:

    I have 1 computer running XP Home SP2, connected to this machine is a Dlink Dl-624+ Airplus G+ wireless router (the intent is to wirelessly connect my 2nd machine which is running XPpro SP2 when I've finished putting it together) and connected to the router is a Sweex ADSL Annex-A modem. Now, the machine this is all connected to recognises the ethernet connections as displayed by the LAN icon, and the router and modem seem to be talking to each other as indicated by the lights on each module. But, when attempting to connect to my ISP (Onetel) the modem indicates that it is only getting as far as the "handshake" while trying to connect, and continues to do this all the time. I've checked all the cabling and everything seems to be in order, and I've gone through all of the hardware manuals at least 5 times so far to check that I've followed the manufactorers instructions to the letter.

    My question is: Have I been dumb and inputed some information incorrectly, or is there something wrong with hardware, or... is this a problem on the ISP's end??

    Oh, I'm asking you guys here before I've talked to the ISP tech support people to try and avoid long winded, costly, telephone calls (as cynical as that may be). I hope some one out there feels smarter than I do right now and can help.

    Thanks in advance... Dweller
  2. MrDJ009

    MrDJ009 TS Rookie

    Check the DI-624 configuration.

    Are you sure you have configured the DI-624 correctly? The routers setup wizard will step you through the basics. You should make sure that you have DHCP server set and your XP Home PC is getting a valid IP address from the router. With the DI-624 this address will be in the range to (the default).

    You might also try a ping test from the routers setup page "Tools/Misc". If you have a good ISP connection you should be able to ping your ISP successfully?

    I believe cable providers usually use dynamic IP addresses. Has your router been correctly set up for this and did you specify valid primary and secondary DNS addresses, as provided by you cable provider?
  3. dweller

    dweller TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for the advice.

    I checked over all of the suggestion you made, and it still didn't fix my problem. The XP home machine recognised the routers IP fine. Did the ping test unsuccessfully, and this made me suspicious, so I ended up telephoning the dreaded tech support of my ISP. After going through everything with them (a total of 3 seperate phonecalls btw) they decided that it wasn't my machine, or hardware, and that it definately wasn't a fault with their networks, and that it must be a fault with the telecoms carrier line. So, as of now I'm still without a broadband connection until early next week.

    Anyway, thanks again MrDJ009, the advice was much appeciated even if it was ineffectual.

    Thanks, Dweller.
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