Advice for a large screen TV for Desktop Monitor/Gaming use


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Looking for some input and more technical information when it comes to selecting one of the LED Full Array, QLED, etc. newer 4K TVs as a monitor. I've got a 2070 Super (so no HDMI 2.1) with no immediate plans to replace it and am using an LG 34" 2560x1080 monitor (which works great for gaming and regular non-gaming tasks). Also, since I'm going to stick it on a desk, anything larger than 50" will be even more obscene. I don't play any of the online FPS games, mainly AC: Origins/Odyssey, Fallout 4, (and of course CyberPunk 2077 come November), etc.

That said - with the card only supporting 60Hz and DP inputs on the far more expensive TVs - does it make sense to spend the extra dollars on the true 120Hz TVs?
Also, if it can do the chroma 4:4:4 dance, 1440P@60Hz, low response time, and input lag - will that suffice?
Should I be concerned if the monitor isn't officially "G-Sync" supported? (fwiw, neither is my LG monitor and it runs all those GSync tests just fine)
I'd rather not spend $1K, if $600 will do the trick - and by the time I actually upgrade to the 3070 or 4xxx or maybe go back to Team Red - they'll probably have a whole different range of screen options at that point.

Am I missing anything? Thanks!
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How much do you expect for $600? (Sorry for the Canadian link...that's where I am)
:joy::laughing:... (I do appreciate the response, though.)

Another reason I'm looking at doing this is to clear up desk space (going to mount TV on wall). I do have an additional 27" 2560x1440 monitor, but it's not suited for gaming at all - plus I do have my work computer connected to 27" (only the home PC is connected to both, but I game on the 34").

I'm looking at the TVs to begin with is that my current monitors are both 60/75Hz and when gaming I don't notice a difference when it's set to either. But then, they are monitors so maybe that's why? So it's one thing to look at specs on paper, but there isn't a whole lot when it comes to explaining why other than personal preference. I get that a monitor will always be better, but wondering if there is a happy compromise with a 4K TV that won't break the bank.
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I think you are out of luck. A new 4K TV is going to be too slow for gaming and not great to look at for text. Once you get to those upper prices than you can find sets that will work. Having said that....the RTX 2070 (all current RTX 2000 series cards) are not fast enough for 4K gaming. Only the new RTX 3080 is (currently a $1000CAN). Since you have no plans to improve your graphics (The RTX 207o is a great card for 2K gaming) you should just go new TV for TV use. Others may have an opinion here too. =)
One other thing (it's always ONE more, right?) - is that I was only planning on using 4K for regular desktop mode and only QHD (2560x1440) for gaming. I came across the LG 49" Nano85 which appears to line up on paper for about $600. I have a feeling I'll have to only see what's available in a local brick/mortar store and return it if the marketing doesn't pan out like it's claimed.
Happened to notice that I never updated my results...
So I've had the monitor for 5 months now and it's been glorious!
Desktop is in 4k x 2k (3840 x 2160) with Windows scaling up 200%.
Text is very crisp and overall works great with HDR enabled, 60Hz, and RGB/8bpc color depth. I've tried different combos with Chroma 444 and 422 and the 120Hz, but to me, RGB is the better option (at least with the 2070 Super).

Ran nVidia's Pendulum G-Sync test and it worked fine in G-Sync mode even though the control panel says "not validated." VRR mode works just fine when enabled.

Gaming wise, HDR definitely needs to be disabled and I am getting consistent 55-85fps in 1440p mode depending on the game (CyberPunk, AC Odyssey/Origins, TombRaider, etc.).

Even when the price on this model dropped to $500 a month after I got it for $550 - still no buyer's remorse.
All the other TVs out there don't offer the VRR and 120Hz native refresh option at this size (you have to upgrade to 55" or get the LG 48" CX model for $1500).

At the end of the day - my take is if you want a very large desktop monitor and aren't a competitive gamer then this is a great option. If you have cash - then the 48" LG CX is definitely better. I can't imagine using anything larger than 50" on your desk and sitting that close. Otherwise there are far better options > 55". Of course, all this changes when pigs start flying and I upgrade to a reasonably priced 3070 or better.... :) .