Advice:N:Samsumg SyncMaster 215tw dying?

  1. Hi, hope this is the right forum.....
    My Samsumg SyncMaster 215tw doesn't come on when machine is booted up. need to turn on and off and then it gradually gets brighter. If I click in it straight away to work goes dark; if I wait about 5 mins then it stays active....feels like something is dying ... can anyone give me advice and/or fixes? It is part of a dual monitor set up, W7 64 bit
    thanks in advance... apologies if this is not the right forum.... DL
  2. Tmagic650

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    It definitely is a monitor problem. The internal power supply circuits may be failing. This is something for an experienced electronics repair tech to handle. I have a Samsung 245bw monitor. It is 4 years old, and still working fine.These monitors are very similar to laptop LCD displays electrically, using CFL back lights and inverters
  3. pot1234Dreadlox

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    Ok, thanks. :)

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