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Feb 16, 2007
  1. Hey everybody, I could use an suggestions you have on this matter.

    We've got a server using a RAID array. We need to ghost this to multiple other servers with the same setup.
    So the first question is how to ghost a RAID array, since the servers don't have multiple RAID connections.

    But before answering that, what I really need to do now is created recovery disks for the server. So I need to image the array to a file. And I need that file to be used on a recovery DVD or CDs.

    So then, simplified, what's the best way to make a recovery disk(s) of a system? Does the RAID play an issue? What is the best program.
    If I can just make a recovery disk set, do I have to ghost or just use the recovery disk on multiple servers?

    Thanks for any insights.
  2. Rick

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    The easiest choice would be to invest in a drive imaging program (Recommended: Acronis True Image Server) and invest in a large, external drive. Create an image of your RAID onto your external USB/Firewire/eSATA (whatever you have) hard drive. You can actually put together one yourself or buy them pre-made... External drives are also very handy!

    You can now restore this image to your other servers. If you have a lot of computers that need to be imaged, you may want to look at Acronis Snap Deploy.

    DVDs and CDs are a very expensive backup medium. If you plan on regular backups, you'll definitely want to consider some form of reliable, rewritable media such as an external hard drive. Acronis True Image is the (in my opinion) the best imaging software out there and it does support DVD/RW writing if that's your thing. It's solid and has tons of intuitive, essential and clever features. in comparison, the new versions of Ghost (largely based on Drive Image) have been pretty icky...
  3. Vigilante

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    Just a clarification, it is not for regular backups, it is just this one time original imaging of the system as it is first loaded.

    We wanted to use DVD just as a one time image of the original load, and to use it on the other servers.

    Since this backup needs to be archived, we can't just put it on an external drive for permenent storage and waste a perfectly good external drive!

    So with that, what are your recommendations for creating an image DVD?
  4. Rick

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    Acronis True Image is still a good choice, since it can write and restore images onto/from DVDs.
  5. Tedster

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    Norton Ghost is also good. But I agree with Rick. Acronis is excellent.
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