Advice on graphics cards upgrade

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I am from South Africa and would like to upgrade my graphics card. Which appears not to be that straight forward from reading your threads. The Geforce 9600 gt or Radeon HD 3870 are in my price range, but I am not too sure how upgradeable my PC is.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens

Motherboard: MicroATX - MS-7293; 1066 FSB; LGA 775

CPU: Conroe E6300 core 2 duo 1.86g

Power supply: ATX1 24 pin 350 watt but looking to upgrade to a CoolerMaster 550watt which has a 6 pin connector for the graphics card

Gaphics interface: PCI-E x16 (1 slot therefore no SLi)


I would appreciate any advice or suggestions
Not open for further replies.