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Advice on my hard drive, is it corrupt/damaged?

By Tait
Jun 14, 2011
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  1. I was hoping somebody here might be able to help advise me what is wrong with my hard drive as I have a feeling it is corrupt. Basically I bought my Kingston v100 ssd as a boot drive for my computer around 4 to 5 moths ago, soon afterwords problems started occurring and windows files started to randomly go missing with .dll files disappearing and a number of registry issues occuring until it reached the point where my pc was virtually unusable and even system restore wouldn't solve the problem so I had to reinstall windows. This solved the problem or so it seemed....

    A few weeks ago the same issues started arising with important files mysteriously going missing and no viruses showing up in any scans. It started this time with scripted diagnostics host stopping working and things rapidly declined from there. It reached the point where now none of my devices show up in device manger and my drivers have disappeared (making windows think my copy now isn't genuine), I can't enable plug and play to recognize them again so I can't reinstall windows. When I try to do this from the cd in windows it says windows can't get any information about my disks so it wont let me go any further. I now can't even boot my pc from a cd when the ssd is connected no matter what I set my boot order to, it just boots up from the ssd. I have a second hard drive I use for storage so I disconnected my ssd and booted up my pc again this time it booted fine from my windows cd and started the setup to install windows.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to try and give as detailed account of my problem as possible. For anybody that might know does this sound like it is my ssd that has an issue or might something else be causing this like a virus? My kingston ssd is still fairly new so it is covered by warranty, however I just wanted to check first that it is an issue that would be covered by warranty before I send it off. I will be extremely great for any advice anybody has on the matter.

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